Wednesday, May 27, 2009


yahoo~~~ exam is going to end...still got two paper (art paper 2 & pendidikan kesihatan)
trial starting to count down...
not as usual, this time school exam start with moral, which we usually start by BM~~ national language.. but nt international one~~XP!!!! but later continued by science... swt..
science was quiet hard, but it is still still alright for me.. still not fatal..moral just cinchai... apologize to teacher 1st ya.. me no study moral...

BM ya~~~ nice paper.... hard question... aiyo~~ pn song why u set the paper with so many difficulties that we student are unable to solve!!!!. essay writing too suck-z.. paper 1 most deadliest... i don't know everything but at least some.... still managed to escape from "fail hole"...^^


thx to the only weekend i meet on this exam.. if it does not exsist my sejarah will gone... KH definately fail.... geografi surely get cane by Aziz...

continue exam with English... although my tuition teacher tought me few month ago but i had forgot it totally!!! disastrous... Sejarah..==... no comment but just a pale and speechless face.. damn hard... no idea why teacher set all the paper so hard...
maybe we didn't study or either Thong wanna to cane us...
***** MR ramesh get a Cane o.... congratulation to him la..( later for everyday..==)

No smile, no words speaked by everyone in class.... "today is KH and Geografi".......many more he complained to me ..! said by Bee...Pakkiam changed my place infront to Darshnee...zzzzz
don't know why she want to do that...she is worst teacher i had never met... waste a bit time talk about her.... she is a fat, quiet tall pig-sized woman, two horrible eyes, two big nostrills, annoying teacher and also neighbour... once i knew that she is my class teacher, my future is totally gone..
she don't even know how to teach... just ask ur to copy entirely from the text book... waste pen ink and also paper...... Pakkiam~~ save the enviroment!!! hahahaha^^
after disaster striked, i perpared " machine gun with 40 bullets" to class.... i am ready to hentam all the question in art paper...2 minute and 36 second i finished the paper...^^

5TH DAY...
it is maths paper.... paper 2 is HARD.. paper 1 is not bad.... hope i pass it with flying colours ya..^^

i am not taking any exam paper... so i am going to school but to disturd those taking chinese paper...^^ (what a great idea right??)^^

although it still not yet come but no need to describe more about this 2 nonsense paper..

i got my history paper...70 marks...B!!!!
OMG~~ i did not expect i get such "high" marks....

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