Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekly report~~

Today's assembly is quiet busy because form 1 will be doing a drama. All the battery in our PA system are spoilt so all microphone also cannot use. Behtahan liao... after assembly i and CCF never go in class, we go to edit video. The new computer is fabulous, great internal software, no lagging.. etc. But the CCF go play Dota there, i was there for at least 2 hours looking that nerd play Dota. he really shocking himself, he talk to himself and laugh too. DAMN HIM!! i will never go there with him. BM is so boring till want to fall asleep, Pn Song keep scolding us for changing places. Actually she is finding problem for herself, sendiri sibuk sendiri cari hal la. Sejarah taecher ponteng, science period nth to do. Just keep listening Pn Ong scolding our stupid, damn, no manners class!!! "%@^!&^*^#!*(^#&!^#)(!*&#!" is my present for her!!

my neighbour (uncle Hee) passed away on early morning. Just Pray Hard that he will have a good life in the other world..=(
Went to school but many people are absent because of H1N1. Is that so scary?? i have no idea about it. teacher teaching we talking in class as this was latest setians habit. nothing special happen in school. getting boring to school as all of them are keep talking bad about people or not that is Dota. How to have a good enviroment of study??

Thillai and principal gets mad this morning. All leaders from different society are told to catch all members who did not wear their uniforms. Lucky i wore it this morning. Anyway not just me alone wear, many "new faces" too, LoiLiWei is one of them..^^ PJ is so suck-z, all also "DokSek"!! boring period. Sejarah teacher ponteng today too~~ Moral teacher just give us silly work to do. BM teacher was mad today. Yap, Cheyang, Vishnu, LohYiQing and Chong who changed their place are chased out of class..^^ lucky Sookeen me and CCF had changed back, we are too lucky..^^ so embarasing for being stand out of classroom, but they look nothing so shameful but still can laugh and smile..== After school is stayed back to edit video awhile. But is can;t install Counter Strike on that computer.=(....T_T

i was absent, so i dont know what happen in school. so enjoying in house

we had gotong royong in school. Boys sweep and wipe windows while girls just clean the blackboard. Moral period is best among all this week.
There are few questions in the paper (BM) i will write out the question and my answer..=) the forget most of the questions...

1) apakah tanggungjawab guru?
Rotan dan marah murid
2) bagaimanakah menghormati ibu bapa?
memberi bunga semasa melawati mereka dan selalu menolong mereka dalam kerja rumah

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