Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Critical zone~!

so lucky to have a short while to online as also to update my blog since the last time i updated it was last week..
trial examination is getting soon, but i hope that time would not creep so fast..~!!
i am not really welled prepared as still have quiet a number of chapter still not permanently "painted" on my small human brain..==||
school didn't gave us a lot of exercises but even trial time table are still not been distributed to all students!! don't know what they are doing.. still got 4 more days, that maybe most of the form3 students will "die" in exam hall~~!! INCLUDED ME..
damn Thillai!! the stupid man told every student to wear uniform to school on Wednesday.. haiz~~ forcing me that have already quit scout to wear uniform to school?? just don't think about it~!!
hope will not die before trial~~gambateh lor..

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